Precast Concrete HVAC / Substation Enclosures

Precast concrete panels can be used to either contain the noise from an HVAC unit or to screen a substation from view. When the goal is to dampen noise, a single-sided absorptive panel cast with SoundSorb® is the perfect solution. Regardless of the goal, either precast concrete or steel columns may be used to support the precast panels.



Precast Concrete HVAC Substation Enclosure


Concrete: 6,000 psi @ 28 days
5% - 8% entrained air
SoundSorb® optional
Rebar: ASTM A-706 Grade 60, epoxy coated
Design criteria: As required by engineer
Finish Options: - Smooth concrete
- Exposed aggregate
- Painted
- Formliner Texture: 3/4" ashlar, 1 1/2" Tollway ashlar,
random cut stone, fractured fin, and staggered oak are
standard. Other textures available upon request.

* Anti-graffiti coatings are available