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Precast Concrete Grease Trap / Interceptor 
City of Chicago Super Basin


Precast Concrete Grease Trap

5,000 psi @ 28 days
                  5% - 8% entrained air
Rebar: ASTM A-615 grade 60
Design criteria: a) City of Chicago configuration
                            b) Loading per ASTM C857, including:
                              -Earth cover: Min 0' - 9" Max 3' - 0"
                              -AASHTO HS-20 wheel load & applicable
                              -Vertical & lateral soil pressures determined
                               using 120 PCF soil density
                              -Ground water at 3' - 0" below grade
                           c) Structural design performed using
                               AASHTO strength design
                           d) Reinforcing cover per ACI 318

Notes: a) Contact UCP for custom configurations or  
            b) UCP suggests that 1-1/2" of non-shrink mortar should 
                be placed at the base/lid joint by the installing
Openings are steel formed smooth surfaces to accommodate boots.


Item Description Qty.
1 Precast concrete 1
2 4T lifting anchors 8
3 1" butyl rubber joint sealant
(See Note "B" On Specs Sheet)
2 rolls