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IDOT & ISTHA Precast Concrete Products

UCP is an IDOT and ISTHA certified precast concrete producer. Standardized precast concrete products such as ours mean little to no adjustment needed in the field. This shortens installation timeframes and lowers costs. In addition to being standardized, our precast concrete products are manufactured by well trained, highly skilled employees. At UCP there are no shortcuts, each product is made to exacting specifications with quality materials. As our longevity in this industry indicates, we deliver on quality and customer service.

IDOT Precast Concrete Products



Concrete Headwall for Pipe Drains

Catch Basin Type B

Drainage Structures, Types 1,2 & 3

Drainage Structures, Types 4,5 & 6

Concrete Handholes

Double Handholes

Temporary Concrete Barrier

Right of Way Markers